Friday, March 11, 2005

When a “Sale” Wine Is Not a Bargain (PB)

I just opened a bottle of Carmenet Zinfandel 2000 Evangelho Vineyards.
It was on close out at $10.00 regularly selling for $22.00. I was tempted to buy several bottles at the time as it seemed like such a good deal but experience has taught me to taste first, buy later! Another case in point.

This wine is a medium garnet on the pour with a very closed bouquet and a shallow nose on the swirl. There are subtle hints of berries but barely. It could be that this wine just needs some breathing but it is doubtful that it will improve significantly; an intuition of tasting hundreds of wines.

In the mouth, there is an underlying sense of sulphur. If this was a German white wine or even some white wine of different origins, I wouldn’t be overly concerned as this is not uncommon on opening of many white wines. But with a Zinfandel, this is a first for me. With some time, the sulphur notes are still there and the flavor is fairly dead all the way around. Although it opens up a bit and even allows some raisiny overtones to come through, this is a great example of why you don’t buy several bottles of a “sale” wine before you taste it. At $10, I would give this wine an 80–maybe! Don’t raise a glass! For the price, there are so many superior wines out there; get your money's worth. Check out our recommendations!

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