Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Quick Swirl: Censio Chianti 2002 (PB)

This is your basic Chianti; nothing fancy, just straightforward, quaffing wine with enough guts and tactfulness to stand up to any Italian cuisine. We had this for our accompaniment to Bruschetta with fresh basil and tomatoes slathered in pure virgin olive oil. Ahhhhhhhh, nice! First impression is cocoa which automatically makes it a winner for my tastes. It seems most people tend to gravitate toward certain flavors which just make any particular wine a winner. Mine is chocolate, my son’s-in-law is “dirt” or, “earth” if you prefer. I’m not sure what my son’s is but it seems to revolve around sex in some shape or form but that’s an issue for the counselors…

This inexpensive Chianti has good mouth feel, and a larger flavor burst than I would have anticipated. With some air there is another brilliant but ever so short-lived burst of cocoa and cherries. All in all, it is pretty decent though a bit tart. This was $9 on sale from $11. After this we raised a glass of yet another Tuscan delight. Read on!

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