Friday, March 04, 2005

Quick Swirl: Velletri Red Wine by Terre dei Volsci Riserva 2000 (billy)

OK, I bought this because the bottle was interestingly shaped and 2000 was a pretty good year for Italian wines. It is a Riserva so it's been aged for at least 24 months prior to release. It is also a limited numbered quantity. I have opened bottle number 013008.

But, before I begin, an apology: It has been two weeks since I have been back from Oregon and my Oregon wine tastings and I have yet to blog the results. I beg a bit more of your forbearance, dear reader, and promise to have the reviews up soon.

Now on to this Italian Red.

Eyes: it sits with a deep plum purple in the glass and promises character.
Nose: Rich earth and jammy blackberry with a thickness of bouquet that is alluring.
Palate: Lush and Velvety! Oaky and smooth with that rich fruit acting as a foundation upon which the acids swirl and dance with smoke and wood.
Finish: as hoped for; long and swanky. Ever the slightest hint of green herb on the finish that should probably not be there but, hey, it's a-ok.

About the blend and area: Velletri is a hilltop town and commune in the province of Lazio/Latium, south of Tuscany. In 1950, seventy Velletri winegrowers joined to form a co-operative. Today the co-op has the support of over 1000 partners! The “Terre dei Volsci” is a blend of Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Cesanese, Bombino Nero, Merlot and Ciliegiolo. (hat tip to this site for the info). The blend and the oak aging gives the wine a depth that is wonderful and a smoothness that is delightful and (almost too) easy to drink.

About the unique bottle shape, I was able to find this:
The bottle has a strange shape. The guy doing the demos said the crooked neck was to keep sediment out of the glass. There is also a dimple in the back of the bottle. Rumor has it that this was an imperfection in the original bottles. The first vintage, the town was so poor that they had to bottle the wine in the faulty bottles just to keep from going under. It turned out that it was their best-selling vintage of all time, so they kept the dimple in the back for good luck. There is another rumor that the girlfriend or wife of the wine maker had a dimple in her lower back, so they made the wine to look like her -- but with tiny sediment-catching boobs.(from here - scroll down)

The story works for me and it makes a wonderful tale with which to regale guests sharing this wine with you.

This is a wonderful group wine for dinner parties or semi-formal or business casual get-togethers. And if that is not what wine is for, then why bother? Raise a glass.


PB said...

How much???

Billy said...

If I remember correctly I paid about $20 for this bottle but at a store that is typically a bit overpriced.

Anonymous said...

Describe the shape of the bottle...

Jason J. W. Lisenchuk said...

$14 at the LCBO in Ontario, Canada. Easily one of the best wines under $20.

Anonymous said...

folks, I paid 5€ for a bottle of 2001, at a discount, and i should say no matter of what i paid, IT'S a GREAT wine.
I think you can see the shape of the bottle in this link

last year i could find some very selected bottles that used were numbered (something like : this is bottle XXX ) , very nice, and i bought one as a gift , arounf 14 €

And now i am sipping some of it while blogging my trip to Viterbo.


janet said...

i bought a bottle 2001 while visiting family in rome over christmas i paid 5 euros in a local supermarket and it is a beautiful wine

Anonymous said...

Now ... I'm am not, by anyones definition, a 'connoisseur' of wines ... I know what I like ...
I had bottle # 184721 ( 2001) this past weekend. Yes ... almost too easy to drink.
It was enjoyed with homemade Italian sausage( hot) .. grilled over a BBQ and garlic shrimp ( also bbq'd) a pasta salad and the last half of the bottle went well with pears and brie cheese.
This was all enjoyed on the shores of Rice Lake in Ontario Canada. Thankfully I was alone and since my dogs don't do wine .. I had to finish the bottle myself ... oh well .. one more cross to bare for we loners
I plan on getting another bottle this weekend and testing it's compatability with fresh caught 'walleye' .. again .. alas .. alone .. woe is me...muhahahahaha!


moustache said...

Actually, i love this bottle. There is also a story about defects in the bottles and one of the winemakers mother who was elderly and poor of seeing loved it so they continued to keep it that way so she could feel for the bottle on the shelf and know which was the wine she loved. I've heard so many stories, i think its great regardless of the truth to them.

juin said...

Yes, I picked it off the shelf because of the cool bottle.
I agreee with the blogger, this is a fine wine with a range of "tastes" and will be my 1A nice surprise..

Lea LaFluer said...

It seems it has been a few years and yes the wine aged quite well, I have a 2nd 2000 bottle I will open at a later date to see how that goes, but well worth searching for a well maintained case. Thanks for the other comments and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I opened a botle from 1999. IT still can be aged for some more years. I will test again in a couple years.