Thursday, March 17, 2005

Quick Swirl: Montes Malbec Reserve 2003 (PB)

Another youthful, grapey looking varietal in the glass with a beautiful, young hue. This Chilean from the famous Colchagua Valley has a subtle bouquet on opening of steely fruit with underlying cherries. It sits well on the palate with a tense structure that is forthright and secure showing its youthfulness once again. Breathing opens it up wonderfully to a currant-rich nose lush with sophisticated tannins with cocoa notes though still a bit harsh. This is a sturdy, enjoyable wine.

We paired it with chicken breasts sauteed in butter and garlic topped with an Italian sauce, and asparagus broiled with olive oil. It paired nicely. At $10, I would give this wine an 86, created in the new world tradition with an assaulting array of flavors; just the way I like my wine. Raise a glass and get ready for the weekend.

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