Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Quick Swirl: Falesco Lazio Pomele 2002 (PB)

This is an Italian red dessert wine that blows my socks off! It is luscious smelling of tropical fruit like mangos, strawberries and maybe a twinge of pineapple but some others mixed in. It has a wonderful texture and nicely balanced. It tastes strongly of honey right out of the comb reminding very much of a fine Sauternes. If I didn’t know this was a red I would have thought it was a classy white Sauternes.

I picked it up in Florence last year after tasting something similar in a restaurant. This was the finale to our Italian anniversary dinner you can read about in the previous entries. We served it with panna cote topped with raspberries and it was a wonderful pairing; the perfect ending to a perfect commemoration. I believe it cost me around $18 for a 500 ml bottle. I’ve never seen it in the states. Too bad! A delicious treat.

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