Monday, March 28, 2005

Moscato D’Asti Sori Gramella 2003 (PB)

If you like sweet wines–I mean well made sweet wines–not Boone’s Farm, Annie Green Springs, or Ripple, you have to find a Moscato D’Asti, put a good chill on it and guzzle it down. Moscatos are typically very sweet desert type wines or aperitifs, that are simply, brilliantly refreshing.

This one is a typical Moscato but don’t get hung up on the label. On opening it reminds me of a classic Gewurztraminer; if you read my posts, you know that alone makes this wine one of my pets. It’s bouquet is full of peaches and apricots. Its frizzante (fizzy character) only makes a fun wine even funner–bad grammar not withstanding! Although I didn’t have it quite cold enough, it is rich, fairly well balanced with a creamy finish of fresh cut apples. For $13, you have to cheer!

This would have been stupendous with the salty ham dinner that followed but alas, it wasn’t around long enough to serve with dinner. Instead we had a Sebastiani Chardonnay 2001 (the inexpensive–$10--sought after Wine Spectator top 100 wines) but it really didn’t work well with the dinner. The Moscato would have been great! Live and learn and raise a glass!

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Anonymous said...

you mean it's better than boone's farm?!