Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Quick Swirl: Concannon Petite Syrah Selected Vineyards 2002 (PB)

The pour is rich, deep and purple with a color so intense that it clings to the glass and tints it even when the wine is gone! Unbelievable. There is a fresh baked bread bouquet with a light nose of ripe plums and blackberries. In the mouth it is offensively sour which is usually an indication of a pour acid balance. The tannins are HARD and the fruit is oppressed. Time to breath it.

With just ten minutes of air time there is an unbelievable transformation to a wine with currant rich aromas, and dried raspberries. In the mouth–-the real test-–it is wonderful, and big with tannins that finish with a real finesse. I have never had a wine change this much, this quickly from a wine I was ready to dump to a wine that is luscious, delicious and full of flavor. Wow! At $10 this will be a recommended wine and a must buy and you MUST raise a glass of this puppy!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I raise glass puppies. Want to go in to business together?