Saturday, March 26, 2005

Quick Swirl: Dallas Conte Merlot 1999 (PB)

This Chilean Merlot from the Rapel Valley has a big bouquet full of fruit with green peppers closer in on the nose. It was made by David O’Leary a fairly well known winemaker and an Aussie. In the mouth, the first blast is of some nice spice and nice fruit although it is “hot” with some pretty “chewy” tannins. A few minutes of air seems to mute some of what it had going for it and the first “blast” was the best. This wine was on close out for $5 regularly priced at $10. It’s worth $5, not $10. If you see it for the $5, pick up one bottle and see what you think. Then decide if it’s what you like. For $5, it’s hard to go wrong. Now raise a glass!

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