Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Quick Swirl: Monte Antico 2001 Toscana (2nd tasting) (PB)

This Sangiovese from Chianti is pretty but has an overtone that is vegetal and reminds me a lot of daffodils with their polleny odor--niether good nor bad) There isn’t much fruit in the bouquet. In the mouth it is eye poppingly tannic and tart and so tight your throat squeaks when you swallow. There’s not much flavor there but perhaps some air will bring it around.

A chocolate aroma wafts out after a few minutes and even some of the steely sangiovese character is coming through. It has toned down a good bit with some fruit emerging but this is NOT the same wine I previously reviewed! So now the dilemma; is this wine, over the top; corked; or just an off bottle? Can’t say for sure but I have another bottle cellared. The first review of this was much different and it was an exciting wine which is why I bought more. If this had been my first experience with this wine I would have merely said it was a very marginal wine but having had it already and finding it very pleasing, I know something is a miss. Only another bottle will tell! If you have had this wine, please leave a comment of what you thought! Raise a glass…of something!

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Always an adventure!