Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Quick Swirl: Wrongo Dongo 2003 (PB)

First I have to admit I have an aversion to silly names on wine bottles. To me it diminishes the credibility of the wine and if it wasn’t for a trusted recommendation of this Spanish red I would never have tried it.

That being said, it is a medium garnet with a slightly mineraly nose and a pleasant bouquet but not remarkable. In the mouth it is tart, with firm tannins and a bit austere but working toward a nice balance. There is a peppery foundation that’s exciting. With air, the Monastrell grapes, also known as Mourvedre—one of the great grapes of the Rhone wines of France, releases all its berry flavors and the tannins become down right tantalizing. With a gutsy finish, at $9, the name not withstanding, this is a decent wine and a good value. I give it an 87. Now raise a glass.

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