Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Vinho Nova 2001 “Tras-Os-Montes (PB)

This Portuguese blend of local varieties of grapes is a light red on the pour with a wonderfully, fruity fragrance. The nose on swirl is barely perceptible–odd! In the mouth this inexpensive wine–part of the Mix-n-match batch (NW) brought my way, is wildly peppery and big on tannins. It is thin and not much there initially.

But after breathing it for a half hour or so, the bouquet–it’s strong point–is just fabulous, full of fresh fruit that almost makes you salivate. There is licorice in the opened bouquet which is nice and my wife smells smoke. (My wife and daughter always seem to smell smoke and for some reason I seem to be unable to smell smoke when everyone else does.) Point–some people’s olfactory abilities are superior or at least different than others. I almost never smell smoke, while (NW) for example often smells or tastes “dirt,” well earthiness actually. (He likes it...) You have to work with what God gave you.

So, bottom line–this wine is thin but has a wonderful bouquet and for some reason, I think it would make a great lunch time wine, sitting in the shine dining alfresco, and eating a baguette with some cheese. So, what the heck, raise a glass and be thankful for the good things this life has.

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