Monday, October 10, 2005

Lost Vineyards Malbec/Bonarda (PB)

This is an oddly marketed wine; the label reads: “Lost Vineyards searches the world for little known (lost) wineries that produce highly drinkable wines suitable for everyday enjoyment...”
This was yet another of (NW’s) gracious deposit in my nearly barren cellar. (I think I am down to less than 50 bottles!)

My tasting notes read: This wine made of 20% Malbec and 80% Bonarda has a light, nondescript bouquet, yet has a good balance of the all the “nondescript stuff” that’s there. I had this wine with some friends at their house so my tasting ritual was compromised. But after giving some air, it was still rather simple–make that, very simple, yet pleasant! Compared to the Woodbridge magnum our host insists on buying weekly, this was a far better wine and probably less expensive. I would guess it was around 7$ and it was worth it. Not stellar, but certainly drinkable as an everyday table wine. Raise a glass.


Lost Vineyards said...

Saw your post.
We are the importer of the wine.
In most markets this wine sells for $2.99 per bottle ($1.99 in many stores in NY). We have many selections in the Lost Vineyards portfolio, all at the same price point. Many thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

As long as we're talking about Lost Vineyards, I stumbled across LV at Marketview Liquor here in Rochester, NY last week. Needless to say at $1.99 I was a bit aprehensive, but at $2 if it sucks, so what! The cashier said it was really good so what the hey. I got the Italy Red Table Wine. My wife opened it and poured a glass and I sampled it. It had a nice color and the aroma was so so, taste seemed a little harsh at first. A lot of licorice and tobacco in my opinion. But as I drank it it got better. In fact so much better that I really enjoyed it. I brought a bottle to a co-worker and did not tell hime the price. He came back the next day and told me how much he loved it! His wife also. That's when I sprang the price on him. He's going out today to buy a case. I myself bought 10 bottles. I'm looking forward to sampling the others. I saw a couple of bad reviews but these seemed to be somewhat snobbish. C'mon seriously, at this price are you really going to be judging them against 1945 Pomerols or using the same criteria. It's a table wine, Vin De Table, judge it on those merits and you'll find a nice little bargain! It's going to be a nice, long, warm winter here with this wine!