Thursday, October 06, 2005

Chateau Montpezat 2003 (PB)

Went to the wine tasting at Freeport Wine and Cheese and had this wine as one of the many nice wines served that evening. This one stood out to both my wife and me although I wasn’t “*excited” about it. We grabbed a couple to go.

Tonight, (NW) and our daughter, and our daughter’s childhood “bud” came up for the day and we made the Italian celebratory dish–that labor intensive but so worthwhile meal called, “Timbalo.” It is so special it is the focus of a feature length movie titled, “The Big Night.” I urge you to look up the recipe online and give it a crack!

Anyway, we started out with bruschetta–an appetizer that’s wonderful–I opened the Montpezat. It is wonderful and a great deal at $13.50 (tasting sale price). This lighter garnet colored wine is from the Coteaux Du Languedoc, the up an coming wine region–currently a bargain--of France.

The bouquet is full of cherries and then a layer of licorice takes over. In the mouth it is a little sweet with nice, even flavors. The bouquet of cherries and licorice is fabulous and maybe even a slight hint of chocolate and this wine is ready to drink right on opening.
*As I said at the beginning, I wasn’t excited about this wine at the tasting because the amount they give you to taste is generally insufficient to get a really nice mouthful which I require to really “taste” the wine. The small amount is understandable yet a little unfortunate. I wonder how many good wines I have missed being unimpressed by the inadequate aromas and sensations offered by a small tasting amount served at a tasting.

But this is a nice wine and worth seeking out! Raise a glass!

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