Sunday, October 23, 2005

Three Thieves 2002 “Bandit” Cabernet Sauvignon (PB)

First for some disclosures: I have NOT had this wine; Three Thieves advertise from time to time on this blog...

Okay that out of the way, this is such a bizarre finding–in my estimation–that I had to blog it in the for what it’s worth category. Three Thieves is a new venture that began in 2002. They find excess wine wherever they find it (in this case Napa and Sonoma) and ship it out in boxes. YES, I said BOXES–as in, cardboard finished so to speak...

So why am I blogging this? Because the Wine Enthusiast just gave this wine a score of 86! I find that both phenomenal and unbelievable but the folks at the Wine Enthusiast are not “no nothings” when it comes to wine. They say of this wine, “It is deliciously fruity and puts to shame many Cabs costing far more.”

So while I am not sure this wine available in my area, I promise I will review it if and when I find it. Now here’s the rest of the story. This wine sells for $7 for a liter! (Your standard wine bottle holds 750ml or .75 liters) (Viva Le metric system...) Raise a box??? That’s going to take some getting used to!

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