Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Le Rocche Di Piccini (PB)

This was a close out wine found in a local store. It was $4 marked down from $9. In the glass, when tilted, this wine is showing a slightly yellow to brown rim around the edge of the wine. This means the wine is old and on its way out. It is a very light red (in color) is a Chianti table wine, and non-vintage to boot. On opening there is a really nice bouquet that fills the air with fresh fruit and a nose of cherries.

The fragrance was exciting the mouth this wine was woefully sour and very thin. It was really astringent with a little black pepper coming through. This wine has almost no finish. This “sale” wine was potable but that’s about all you can say. It seems pretty clear the reason it was on closeout is because it is going down hill quickly. This is another reason why you buy only 1 sale wine like this and taste it first. A sale is no sale if it is a bad wine. Go raise a glass... of something else!

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Keith said...

I had this wine in Tuscany two years ago, and it was simply amazing. I found a bottle here in the USA a few months back, and it had the same great flavor and body as the bottle I enjoyed in Italy.

Great blog, by the way!