Thursday, October 20, 2005

Domaine De Pouy 2004 (PB)

This French white from the Cotes de Gascogne has a sensual bouquet that smells like a cross between a Riesling and a Sauvignon Blanc. It is pale golden and is wildly tart on the first blast and almost puckery. Pineapple and citrus are the main flavors. As it sits on the palate the hyper-acidic tartness tones way down. A little vanilla comes to the surface. With food, this bracing wine can cut through any kind of fatty, rich food you might serve. A nice food wine!

It finishes rather gentle but with a nice subtle lingering sense of lemon and cream. This wine was $10 on sale for the night as it was a wine tasting featured wine. Raise a glass.


Anonymous said...

I currently sell this vintage in my store and have had trememdous success with it. Great balance of fruit and acidity it does indeed pair well with creamy sauces as well as most fish dishes. I've even paired this with many vegetarian dishes with great results. Chuck, mgr, Vintage Cellar, Radford VA

PB said...

Thanks for the additonal insight and confirmation Chuck! (PB)