Sunday, October 02, 2005

Vallebelbo Moscato D'Asti (NW)

Vallebelbo Moscato D'Asti (non-vintage):

Great color, light bubbles
Sweet grape on the nose and palate
Simple, creamy finish

My wife and I have enjoyed a lot of Moscato D'Asti lately. We think it's much more versatile than just as a dessert wine. Although it is excellent with light desserts like panna cotta and fresh berries, we've enjoyed Moscato D'Asti with sweet shellfish dinners and often as an aperatif. It is low in alcohol content, usually 5-7% and delivers a nice balance of light, sweet, and bubbly. This Vallebelbo was just right, and a mere $10 at the local wine shop. Raise a glass!

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