Friday, October 14, 2005

Concannon Pinot Noir 2003 (PB)

I’m fixing dinner for my secretary’s birthday and I have homemade pasta (seafood ravioli) for the main course. I make Bruschetta (broiled pieces of bread with garlic wiped over the toasted pieces and fresh basil and tomatoes with olive oil on top for an appetizer. My secretary is partial to red wine so I want to serve wines that will give her a choice between red and white and yet have each one pair adequately with the dinner. So I choose this Pinot Noir knowing it will pair well with the appetizer and will probably work with the main course even if not being the optimal choice.

It works well on all counts.

This wine is pale red, has classic Pinot aromas with gorgeous fruit in the bouquet. It is well balanced and rather refined. A nice compliment to a gentle flavored main course. My secretary seemed to like it just fine! It was $10 on sale and a good choice; Raise a glass!

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