Saturday, October 15, 2005

Cline Ancient Vine Zinfandel 2004 (PB)

STOP reading right here and run out and find this wine!!! Not convinced? This wine was recently reviewed by the Wine Spectator and given an 89 score. I am not given to being swayed by other’s ratings but this one, if anything, is underscored! This wine is big in every way right on opening with a huge bouquet of dark fruit. It smells rich! In the mouth this wine is just as full with loads of body and flavor and mouth feel.

With a little air time, which isn’t necessary for this elegant creation, it is so full of flavor and if you ever wondered what “plush” tannins were like; this is it! This is just a nicely made, elegant wine. After a half hour, I was blown away by an unexpected blast of mint. Nice!!!

It finished velvety, and long–the finest tannins I have had yet! At the listed reference price of $18, this wine is a bargain BUT–Sam’s Club has it for under $13!

Stock up NOW and raise many glasses!


nywinos said...

We also tried this wine this week, although it was a 2003, and we were very pleasantly surprised...picked it up at Kappy's in MA for $14.99. What struck us was how velvety and silky the wine was....we enjoyed the berry and chocolate finish. Definatley not your classic CA Zin. We'll have to pick up a bottle of the '04.

PB said...

The 2003 has been reviewed as well and is another solid value but the 2004 exceeds the 03 by a long shot. It is best when breathed for a half hour and quaffed on top of a big rock...

Add another 2 points to the quality if sampled north of the Massachusetts border; it's just a question of WHEN.