Monday, October 31, 2005

Gallo of Sonoma Zinfandel (Barelli Creek) 1999 (PB)

I reviewed this wine a few weeks ago when I brought back a couple bottles from Los Angeles. (NW) and (Billy) and I were tired of wine with animals on the labels and various other bargain wines we picked up here and there and wanted a “real” wine. This wine is huge on blackberries in the nose, good Zin flavors with an all around quality we were longing for. (NW) guessed it to be a “Carneros” Zin and (Billy) guessed it verbatim but me thinks he cheated...

This wine was a 2 for one special so although it cost $20, it was actually $10 with the special a huge bargain! Very nice and we raised a glass with pleasure!

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