Sunday, October 02, 2005

Chateau Larose Trintaudon 1999 (NW)

Chateau Larose Trintaudon 1999:

Subtle fruit aromas on the nose
Soft, dull character built around blueberries
An off layer tasting like rubber
Simple, short finish

This wine was a disappointment. It was a little dull and had an unusual rubbery taste. This may be the result of brettanomyces yeast, which often causes a medical or rubbery odor. I ordered it at a business dinner and didn't really pick up on the off flavor right away. The entire bottle was poured very quickly and we were engrossed in conversation, so I didn't bother to make a scene. We had just one bottle and overpaid at $43. Not the most pleasant wine experience. Raise a glass, but not a glass of this!

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Anonymous said...

This wine apparently improves with age. Three years after NW's unpleasant experience with this wine, I recently picked up a 1999 bottle for less than half the price NW paid in our local supermarket. I took my chances with cork since the bottle was standing straight up on the shelf. Last night we had this wine with dinner, and it was absolutely gorgeous. No hints of cork, rubber or hospital odors. (AH)