Sunday, November 20, 2005

Wine Review: Amon-Ra Barossa Valley Unfiltered Shiraz 2004 (NW)

Intense and beautiful deep, dark color
Nice bouquet of berries, cherry, and currant
Layers of silk on the palate
Finish goes on and on with more fruit, almond butter, and vanilla

I was in the mood for a ripe, fruity wine and this one delivered! It's so beautiful in the glass, though, you'll just want to look at it for a while. This is the kind of wine that can stain your finger tips instantly. When you do get around to tasting it, the silky layers go on forever. Our house guest brought this wine for dinner and we had a terrific pairing with pork tenderloin.

I decanted this wine because the label read "unfiltered" and I was unsure of how much sediment was present. Actually there was none, so the decanting may have helped open the wine up a little but was mostly just ceremonial.

This wine is a fairly small production from Barossa Valley grapes and is crafted by Ben Glaetzer, who is a passionate wine maker responsible for other outstanding Australian wines. After composing my notes, I looked up some reviews and this wine scores big points with the critics, especially Robert Parker, Jr. If you are looking for a top-notch Shiraz, this is a nice choice. It is expensive for Shiraz, at approximatley $65, but will be much more expensive in a few years as it joins the big leagues of highly-prized, small-production Barossa Valley Shiraz. Raise a glass!

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