Sunday, November 06, 2005

Columbia Crest Grand Estates Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 review by (PB)

This is a previously reviewed wine but by way of reminder–I review every wine I have no matter how many times I have it. This helps me to track aging considerations as well as what is called “bottle variation.” (Bottle variation is the difference between two bottles of the same wine and vintage. It happens; and I’m not talking about a "corked" or bad bottle. You can have two bottles of the same wine and they can both be in good shape but have some significant differences.)

At any rate, this wine is rich with deep, berry laden aromas with a hint of vegetal scents. The nose is ripe, and jammy and sits well in the mouth. Chocolate is big initially but fades with air and big juicy, ripe black berries remain. It finishes a little green and the tannins are bit stern but probably just needs more air.

This was a Wine Spectator rated wine at 89 points! It’s another beaut. from the folks at this Washington State winery who just have trouble, it seems, producing a bad wine! Their lower level “Two Vines” series are routine “Best Value” selections and the $7 Two Vines Shiraz scored a 90 from the Wine Spectator. And their Grand Estates Merlot 2001 is a Wine Spectator 90 point bargain. That’s just nuts! But it’s an example of the habitual quality and value of this winery.

Their Gewurztraminer–though not up to par (yet) with the quality of their reds, is a Summer favorite of mine. Great things are coming out of Washington State and Columbia Crest is leading the way. Raise a glass!

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Doug Patterson said...

We've tried both the merlot and the cab. Both are excellent wines, but for about $10 they're a STEAL!