Friday, November 04, 2005

Cline Ancient Vines Carignane 2003 (NW)

Nice nose, somewhat soft and fruity
Peppery and veggie on the palate
Dark chocolate and some smoke on the finish

This is a fun wine! Not only is it a unique varietal, it has some interesting layers. I was with Billy of this blog and we picked this up on whim. We were visiting PB of this blog and wanted a varietal wine that is a little different. Cline does a such a nice job with Zinfandel, we figured we'd try this.

I was impressed with all the interesting layers and would buy this again if I could find it. Although, it doesn't seem to be widely distributed. The grape has traditionally been used as a blending grape in Europe, but is now taking on a following as various vitners in the new world, including U.S. and South America, are working with it on a regular basis. Billy bought this wine with me at a small, out-of-the way liquor store in Maine and paid $15. Raise a glass and try a Carignane!

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