Thursday, November 17, 2005

Beaujolais Nouveau-- Georges Duboeuf 2005 review by (PB)

Well here it is! The festive celebration of the arrival of this quaffing wine at its simple best.
Imagine you are sitting in your villa somewhere in southern Burgundy, an onion tart (it has a fancy- shmancy name in French) is placed in front of you and you want, some wine of course. It is a normal day; you got up, you went to work, you come home and you just want to eat and relax. You’re not going to be served a Grand Cru Bordeaux or an Hermitage. What is poured is an everyday “table wine” that the normal people drink–normally. That’s Beaujolais Nouveau. (If you missed it, read the preceding entry...)

Okay, now for the good news, First–Just SHUT UP and grab yourself a bottle of this fun beverage. Put a good chill on it and remember you are not tasting this like you would another seriously crafted wine. You are just going to slosh this back with whatever it is you’re eating and you’re going to enjoy it! This is the BEST Nouveau I have had in years!!!

It is a rather deep purple in the glass–much deeper than past years–and the bouquet is actually full of fruit and even some character for Pete’s sake! (Who is “Pete” anyway???) In the mouth there are fruity tastes–not complex mind you–but simple guzzling, all purpose wine. And EUREKA–there is even some honest to goodness structure to this wine! This IS a good year for Nouveau. And remember, there are numerous reliable producers. Try them all by raising a glass ot three! By the way, not that it matters, I paid $10 for it...

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Billy said...

You BINGER! I was standing in the wine store with a bottle of Georges Duboeuf in my hand when I dialed up the Wine Cask Blog on my Blackberry. And what did I find? PB already blogged it! Well, I bought it anyway (thanks to your good review) but I also bought a bottle of Joseph Drouhin BN. Review coming soon!