Thursday, November 17, 2005

Beaujolais Nouveau Day! A Review of the Joseph Drouhin 2005 Offering by (billy)

Chill. Pop. Pour. Drink. Wow. Fascinating wine.

Now. I've got to admit. I am NOT a big fan of Beaujolais. I tend to prefer the more structured wines. But Beaujolais Nouveau day is a fun one to put aside the bias and uncork a bottle or two and just enjoy wine for wine's sake. It is amazing how much I can enjoy this bottle when I chuck my expectations and simply enjoy the beverage.

So here is the deal. We're eating some cheese (nothing pretentious), some left over crackers, chips, and whatever else we have here (including marshmallows). For me, eating is essential when enjoying this kind of wine.

This bottle of Joseph Drouhin Beaujolais Noveau was 11.99 at the local supermarket wine store. This market "Byerly's" is usually a touch pricier than the local liquor-mart but they have a knowledgable staff that is unafraid to make recommendations to help you out. They also have a fantastic bi-annual wine sale where my wife has to restrain me for want of filling the cellar! I frequent there a lot and have found some gems.

It pours almost strawberry in color with a lucidity that is characteristic of the style and the gamay grape. I didn't bother with trying to find a nose here, this is a wine for drinking, not for sniffing and snorting! In the mouth it is spritely and light with little complexity but some peppery heat. If you like "wine" flavored wine and not something overwrought with berries, leather, casis and smoke, this is the wine for you! All in all this is a simply wonderful BN that really supports the proposition that 2005 was a banner year for Nouveau.

Pick up a bottle or three of the Joseph Drouhin 2005 for Thanksgiving (for those of you in the States) and be sure to drink it by then! Better yet, Get a bottle of this, the Georges Duboeuf 2005 that (PB) recommends, and whatever (NW) pulls out of his brown paper bag and have a festival of wine. Remember to give thanks for 2005, a simply wonderful year for Nouveau.

If you are in the State of Minnesota, check out this site from the Wine Company for a list of stores that carry the Joseph Drouhin 2005.

Raise a glass to the new 2005 Nouveaus!

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