Thursday, November 24, 2005

Chateau De Chamboureau Savennieres 2001 review by (PB)

I love domestic Chenin Blanc and I have watched the price of it go up about 30% in the past year. So when I was at a wine tasting this past week, I tasted this French creation which was touted as the best white wine in Maine for under $25. Until I have tasted every white wine in Maine under $25, I can’t really make that claim. I can say that in the glass this wine is utterly phenomenal just to look at. It is a deep and luscious looking golden that looks more like a fine Sauternes than a Chenin Blanc. The bouquet is truly unique but has a subtle banana and green apple aroma.

In the mouth this wine is again unique and hard to pin down. It has mouth filling acidity that supposedly will carry this wine another 10 years and while there are no other pronounced flavors, there is just an amalgamation of elegant subtleties with a hint of sweet ness but not really. (NW) will be reviewing this same wine but we both agreed that there is no way I would have ever guessed this as a Chenin Blanc. We paired it with a French onion tart which is like a pizza made with bacon, onion and cottage cheese with sour cream. It was quite nice all the way around. $22 for a wine of this quality is decent. Now we look a head to our Thanksgiving feast. Ah, so many blessings for which to raise a glass.

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