Saturday, November 12, 2005

Pio Cesare Barolo 1998 Review by (PB)

Another quick jaunt down to visit (NW) and my daughter which always means the wine will be flowing. We started out with a Columbelle (previous review post) and moved to this wonderful wine of the Piedmont which is near Alba, Italy. (Note—Barolos are notoriously pricey; this one was in the $60 range) On the pour it is a little lighter in color than I would have thought but there was an immediate cloud of splendor filling the air of the kitchen. It was floral, with a candied bouquet of cherries that was just mouth watering.

It was a bit hot on opening but this kind of wine needs to be decanted which we did constraining ourselves from drinking it away. With some air—oh the torture of temptation—there are numerous layers; licorice, cocoa powder, and something underneath that I was never able to put my finger—or tongue—on. But it was awesome!

With yet some more time to breath, a hint of bananas and more licorice and chocolate just kept popping up as each layer came and went and returned again. Served with Osso Buco it was splendid! I want to raise a glass—but it’s gone.

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