Wednesday, November 09, 2005

EOS 2000 Reserve:Petite Sirah Review (billy)

I paid $22 for this bottle and what a great find!

deep plumb in the glass
big nose. Chocolate, jam, plumb, wet earth, pepper and mint
Palate: big berries, excellent balance with a nearly velvety softness.
Finish: lingering but not long, Vanilla and greens remain after the wine is gone to remind you to ask for another glass.

This is a fantastic wine that is peaking right now. At $22 it is a nice “treat” wine. Buy one to share with someone special. This is a fantastic wine to taste. If you are newer to wine tasting or seeking to educate your palate, this is the wine on which you should splurge. The fruit is forward and noticeable but the more complex flavors are still able to be noted (with some effort for a new palate). All in all the EOS 2000 Reserve Petite Sirah is a very nice “special occasion” wine, a fantastic “learn how to taste it” wine, and a wonderful treat.

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