Friday, November 11, 2005

Rosemount Grenache/Shiraz 2003 (NW)

Lightly fruity and peppery on the nose
Soft and velvet-like on the palate
Peppery finish

In order to get a jump start on the evening, we opened this wine with some friends prior to getting settled in for dinner. We were surprised by how peppery the wine was not knowing what to expect from it. The wine is a blend of two grapes commonly used in the Southern Rhone Region of France. I often see wines copying this style but using Mouvedre in addition to Grenache and Syrah (Shiraz). This three-grape blend is becoming more popular with wine makers all over the world and I often see GSM on labels. However, no Mouvedre in this wine and the Grenache and Shiraz used in this bottling are intended to produce a value wine with some character. Known for their Shiraz, Rosemount is making more and more blends. If they keep their prices down, I think they'll have some winners in the inexpensive category. This wine was just $7/bottle. Raise a glass!

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