Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Covey Run Riesling 2004 Wine Review (billy)

Well (PB) and (NW) have posted their $.02 on this $7.50 bottle so I figured I should write up my wine review of this Riesling as well. And am I ever glad I did!

Rich grapefruit on the nose with vanilla tones and a floral softness
Palate: sweeping sweet on first taste but then tapering to more of a dry texture. Peaches and dried apricot flavors on the back of the tongue and noticeably so.
Finish is crisp and very slightly tannic but not overly so.

This is a fantastically fruity Riesling especially for the price point. You’ll be hard pressed to find another Riesling of this quality for even 30 or 40 dollars more. The big fruit and the complex sweet-dry continuum that is present makes this a fun wine to drink. It is complex enough to keep the skilled wine taster interested and drinkable enough to keep the others of us asking for another glass and commenting on the quality of the host to provide such a fine fare. Of course, the host need not share the bargain basement pricing on this wine. That is a secret that lets us keep stocking up while still impressing guests and not breaking the kids’ college funds.

Raise a Glass to Economic Wine Enjoyment.

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Matthew said...

I just bought a bottle this afternoon. I've not opened it yet, but it's good to hear a positive review. I hope I'll be as delighted as you were.