Monday, November 21, 2005

Columbia Crest Grand Estates Merlot 2001 [Real time review] (PB)

Okay, honestly, slap me and tell me to shut up but I have to rave yet again about this wine VALUE, spell that–V-A-L-U-E wine and here’s why. Yes, we have reviewed this wine previously, but as previously noted, we do routinely re-review wines because, uh...because we can and we like to see if our re-reviews are consistent with our past reviews among other things. But here’s the deal–I have a whopping cold and the flu to boot! I said to myself, “Self! You are NOT going to review anything because you know how awful your olfactory abilities are and are compromised with a raging rhinorrhea.”

Yes, that’s the way I talk to myself because in my past life I was a heavily inundated medically educated individual and the penchant for all things physiological are still extant. Sorry–in laymen’s terms; my smeller sucks at the moment and my mouth is so messed up with viral crud I shouldn’t be able to taste anything at all. But that’s why I HAD to review this wine in my dismal state of health.

Even with all this going on, this wine is absolutely stellar! I can’t believe it. I am slapping myself right now to make sure I am truly conscious because this wine which I am sipping at the moment is just, Oh man, GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!! Even with an impaired taster this wine is bursting with fresh berries and chocolate. And here’s the other thing; my mouth is painfully infected with sores--I knew you'd want to know that--and yet this wine is so stinking well made and balanced while it should be causing me to scream–-alcohol tends to do that to mouth sores–-this wine is soothing! I’m serious! Sheeeeeeeesh, this is such a good wine why are you NOT running out to buy it while you can? This wine is all of $11, $10 some places so what are you waiting for? Run, Forest Run! And then pop that cork and raise a glass to the avian flu while you’re perched on a branch somewhere gnawing a cuttle bone. I am sure this wine is even a great accompaniment to bird seed, now Go, Go RAISE a GLASS will you?


At 8:33 PM permalink, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bought a case of it last week!

At 11:28 PM permalink, Blogger Tenniel said...

A wine that Job could enjoy, apparently.

At 2:49 PM permalink, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have found Columbia Crest makes some of the best inexpensive wine in the world.

At 4:49 PM permalink, Blogger JenninME said...

2001? Really? Where did you buy it?

At 9:32 PM permalink, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I, too, LOVE this wine. It's all sold out in WA state where I reside and the 2002 isn't as stellar (though still quite drinkable). I found a 2001 bottle in Philadelphia when at a conference and am now keeping it for a special occasion. We drank more bottles of this wine than any other last year. Phenomenal value. Why didn't I buy a case when I had the chance?


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