Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Wine Review: Royal Bitch 2003 Reserve Merlot (billy)

Royal Bitch 2003 Reserve Merlot
From Chile. $11.99

Ok, I admit it, I am a sucker for the double entendre. I bought this wine with the theme of the next “Wine Blogging Wednesday” in mind (judge a wine by its label). The Label is black and gold with an image of a woman walking a dog. The imagery is nothing special but anything that is good for a laugh or conversation does well by me. I also like that on the back of the wine, they invite commentary back about the wine and provide a URL. So, not only is the wine clever with its name (good marketing “stickiness”), it also proves that it is hip to the new generation of wine enthusiasts and web crawlers in the small print. As a techie and a wine lover, I was sold. So how does it stack up?

Nose: beautiful mellow pepper and blackberries with an exquisitely sensual softness and subtlety. There are some really nice layers here. I am EXCITED.
Palate: A touch thin for a reserve merlot. It seems as if all the energy has gone into the nose. Maybe with some time it will open up. After some air time, slightly acidic cherries and coffee/chocolate flavors emerge. This speaks to the complexity that was evident in the initial bouquet. However, in the mouth, the wine remains thin and a bit watery. In this day and age of over the top “berry burst” merlots, this is a pleasant change and it will complement the meal nicely. I would buy this wine again and, for the price, this reserve can hold its own amidst other, similarly priced reserves.
Finish: smooth and beautifully lasting.

Overall, this is a fair wine. The bouquet is wonderful and enticing, the rest doesn't stand up to the expectations the nose sets though. If you find it on sale for under $10 definitely pick up a bottle. $11.99 is fairly priced. You’ll a few better, and many worse for that price. But do not be suckered into paying $15 or more here. You’ll be disappointed.

Raise a glass in thanks for the bounty we experience this day. Cheers to all.


Derrick said...

Ha! I'm not sure I'll make it through all those censorship filters when I do the round-up! Thanks for the great write-up; I love the way you give advice on what price points make sense for the wine.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am most eager to find a location that sells Royal Bitch Reserve Chardonnay! Can you be of help. We live in the Kansas City area.

Anonymous said...

I am also looking for a location that sells Royal Bitch Chardonnay. I can get it in northern Ohio, but my sister-in-law loves it.
Thanks for your help.