Saturday, November 05, 2005

Sparkling Shiraz McLaren Vale Burgundy Vixen NV review (PB)

(In case you were wondering, NV means “NON-Vintage” meaning it was not necessarily made from grapes of a particular year’s harvest…)

At any rate, sitting around earlier in the Summer I was reading my Bon Appetite, Food and Wine and Gourmet mags and it seemed that this sparkling Shiraz—which I had never heard of—starting popping up all over in articles. I was curious and had to find one. I did, paying $20 for and having to drive an hour to find it. Ah, but what a surprise!

This sparkler is gorgeous in the glass with great bubbles and nice intense color. Better still, is that it actually tastes like Shiraz! It was fresh, with nice berry flavors and kept its life through out the finishing of the bottle. This was my first experience with such a wine and it won’t be my last! Wine Spectator gave this wine an 88! You really ought to raise a glass it’s nice and different!

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