Friday, November 25, 2005

Beaulieu Vineyards Tapestry Reserve 1994 review by (PB)

(NW) and his wife were up for Thanksgiving and that means plenty of wine adventures galore. BV’s Tapestry (a blend of several grapes which accounts for the name) is always one of my favorites even when panned by some experts as BV struggles back from a TCA outbreak in the fairly recent past. (TCA is a contaminant due to a mold that can be the death of wineries as it’s origins can be elusive. Giving the wine off flavors often described as wet cement, or wet cardboard, its presence in a wine–quantified by the parts per million scale--can be detected by individuals with apparently super-human palates and noses.)

The height of the problem for BV reached its zenith in the late 90's, and they underwent painstaking efforts to eradicate the problem. Even during those supposedly really bad years, I have had Tapestry from those “bad” years and find it charming, and full of excitement. This 94 was before the TCA problem.

It is lighter in color than I would have expected–a product of it’s age? There is a slight ambering around the rim, a sign of it’s maturity. The bouquet of this wine balloons into the room on opening making an impressive appearance and a preview of what is to come. The bouquet if full of cranberries with a slightly vegetal nose.

In the mouth it is full of fruit–simple and firm and lush–rather elegant on the whole. With air it is pure rich berry aromas which carry through to the palate. This wine, which was one we served with our Thanksgiving turkey, was too rich and powerful for the meal. A very nice wine but not a good pairing! Still, it was a special wine, ($55) for a special day, and one that I am thankful for having the joy of sharing in with my family. Raise a glass–we did!

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