Thursday, December 07, 2006

Septima 2004 Malbec Cabernet Review by Billy

Now this is what I am talking about! I had a bottle of this ($36) at the same restaurant where I had the Storybrook Zin (reviewed below). And I was impressed! The $36 Manhattan Restaurant price means that this is most likely a bargain wine in your local store (I have seen it for as little ast $7.00 online).

It is an Argentinian wine that is a Malbec (60%) Cabernet (40%) blend.
Nose: Cracked black pepper, dark blackberry, slightly minerally which is nice and a bit unusual.
Palate: full and rich though slightly overacidic.
Finish: smooth and soft at the very back.

With time the nose reveals dark currant, blackberry and tobacco with some black cherry emerging after a while. The Palate is almost well balanced though not quite achieving that expert plateau but the play between the acid and tannins is slightly uneven. The finish after time reveals dark cherry and some green pepper.

Overall, this was really quite nice for the price. The body here was a nice contrast to the Zinfandel we had previously. I liked it and, for the price, I will definitely be looking is up when I get back to Minnesota.

Cheers and Raise a Glass!

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