Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dusted Valley Vinters Old Vine Chardonnay 2003 Review by Billy

Sometimes the bargain wines are in the bargain bin for a reason. This was one such wine. While I certainly cannot complain about the $5.75 price I paid, I can certainly complain about the wine.

Dusted Valley Vinters Old Vine Chardonnay hails from Walla-Walla Washington. Here are my notes:
Nose: a bit buttery but overpowering acitone and sharp lemon citrus.
Palate: OUCH! (yes, I actually wrote ouch in my journal). Overbalanced acid makes me pucker. Heavy citrus with sour grapefruit like acidity. Some chardonnay flavor buried in there.
Finish: green grape stem finish.

It should be noted that I tasted this again about an hour after I opened it. Still makes me pucker. Wines just shouldn't do that.

Still, Raise a glass.

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