Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Lenz White Label Chardonnay 2004 Review by Billy

Full disclosure--whenever our friends from various wineries send us wine to review we are sure to let you know that. The folks at Lenz Winery on long Island New York sent each of us at the wine cask 6 bottles to review. The ironic bit is that while they sent this to me nearly a month ago, I have been stuck in Manhattan for 32 days straight! From November 6 - December 8 I was on a work assignment there. So while this bottle and 5 others were waiting for me here in Minnesota, I was closer to Lenz than the bottles were to me. Either way, it was very nice to come home to this great sample package from Lenz Winery. No tasting notes were consulted for this review.

So here are my notes from tasting the 2004 Lenz White Label Chardonnay from the North Fork of Long Island, NY.
Nose: Pear, Citrus, Warm Bread, and softened cardamom.
Palate: Good structure and strong acid but not overstrong. Wet metal accents which are subtle and interesting and nice. A touch of chamomile on the tongue.
Finish: citrusy and smooth. Not Green which is nice. Long and subtle. Elegant.

Overall this is quite a nice chardonnay. It is creamy at the back of the palate and not overwhelmed with woody or oaky tastes. It is full and round in the mouth. The pear and citrus aromas and flavors work very well together as the prominent dominant profile. The underlayers of softly floral chamomile and the memory of cardamom spice with the mineraliness of the wet metal mouth feel add dimension and depth to this Chardonnay. I like it.

The price point on this wine is $11.99 and you can order direct from Lenz HERE. At that price it is a very good deal and stacks up very well against other, similarly and higher priced Chardonnays.

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