Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Lenz Winery “Old Vine” Merlot 2001 Wine review by (PB)

Disclosure—Lenz Winery sent us a half case of assorted wines to taste and blog. Various wineries have done this and we do our best to review these wines objectively. Even though the wines sent to us from Lenz came with tasting notes, and tasting results against some high class Bordeaux, these notes were immediately filed without review so as not to skew my review. You can rest assured my notes, are “my notes” rather than a parroting of someone else.

This wine with a reference price of $55 is a nice medium garnet colored pour with a dark core and a bouquet of faint green peppers with a center of spice and berries. Even on opening there are some nice layers happening here.

In the mouth the first taste is rich with some more spice but everything is tightly wound. It needs to be breathed for a half hour so more.

Now the flavors are layered again with a clear eucalyptus aroma, and dark berry fruit as well as other “things” just popping up, fading out then something else, unsweetened baker’s chocolate (?) takes its place.

This wine is rather elegant and really well made; balanced through and through. With a little more time breathing there is just more fruit and everything else all flowing together in a round wine that is just plain wonderful. This CAN’T be a New York wine can it?

To view their taste off against come spectacular Bordeaux Chateau, follow the link and then raise a glass!

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