Friday, December 01, 2006

Rosenblum Zinfandel 2001 Richard Sauret Vineyards wine review by (PB)

One of our plethora of Thanksgiving wines we had to commemorate our thankfulness for all the blessings we enjoy and is holding steady with a solid garnet color to the rim. It has a room filling bouquet of juicy fresh black cherry fruit. In the mouth this wine has a luxurious texture and heft. It is tight on opening and needs some time to come around but even still has juicy tannins and plush flavors waiting to burst forth.

With 15 minutes of air raisins are coming up with cedar or eucalyptus in the nose.

With some breathing this wine became a little more chewy which is unusual and more raisins on the palate. Close to 40 minutes of air time and chocolate layer with big blackberry fruit emerges with a wonderful caraway finish. I loved it! Be sure to scroll down and catch (NW'S) review of the same wine. Raise a glass!

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