Friday, December 22, 2006

Lenz Old Vines Chardonnay 2004 Review by Billy

Full disclosure--whenever our friends from various wineries send us wine to review we are sure to let you know that. The folks at Lenz Winery on Long Island New York sent each of us at the wine cask 6 bottles to review. This is the fifth of the 6 Lenz wines I have reviewed. I consulted no other tasting notes or reviews when tasting this wine.

When you pour this wine the first thing you notice is the extremely bright color. It is a brilliant yellow-gold. A color fit for a Magi's gift. It is very exciting.

Nose: RICH! Rich is the perfect word to describe the nose. I pick up rich white rasins, light citrus, flowery chamomile, some subtle and elegant mineral overtones and something that might be nutmeg. Just delightful.
Palate: Pleasingly rich structure with a solid acid floor but not over crisp or tart.
Finish: Nice lingering youngish finish with a minerally character.

Overall I thought this was a very well balanced wine with a rich mouth feel. Not overly dry or "apple/pear" flavored to me like many chardonnays. Nice mineral flavors/feels add character to the wine that are a-typical but well done and pleasing here. This is quite a nice and elegant chardonnay but one that diverges from a "typical" chardonnay profile is some distinctive ways - none of them bad or concerning.

This is one I would buy and drink again.

You can order this wine direct from Lenz HERE where it lists for about $25 a bottle.

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