Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Chateau De Segries Tavel Rosé 2004 wine review by (PB)

In my earliest studies of the fruit of the vine I remember reading about Rosés and how the only ones worth even being called “wine” were coming from the Tavel and Lirac regions of France. They were pretty pricey for a rosés costing 2-3 times as much as any other rosés being sold. But this was in the 70’s.
On my quest to learn this wine now 25 years later, there are scads of rosés that are worth your attention totally unlike the soda-pop wines of the past.

I picked this one up in Boston for $13 on sale from $20. It is a very pale watermelon colored wine with a bouquet that is almost non-existent with a nose that barely hints at fruit.

In the mouth the wine is also very light in flavor but does have nice acid structure but so light in flavor that is nearly only “wet.”

But here is a surprise—after 24 hours, the nose actually opens quite a bit giving off a candied, sweet aroma and yet he wine is very dry. Flavors also come around much more so after a day of breathing which was totally unexpected.

Even at this thought, this wine is shallow all the way around. It would be a nice wine at $5. At $13 it needs to be passed over and at $20, someone should ask the maker if they have been trying the host of new Rosés from all over the world and then ask what they are thinking with a price point of $20.

Raise a glass of Rosé but not this one!

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