Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Dow’s Vintage Porto 1992 “Quinto Do Bomfin” wine review by (PB)

Because the price of Vintage Ports are generally prohibitive for “normal people” this is my very first one that I have personally purchased. I saw it in a shop in Boston and since it was 15 years old and cost only $45 (trust me that’s cheap for a port that old) I grabbed it.

What more fitting a time to open it than on Christmas Day with (NW) and the fam?

The color is a nice, deeper garnet holding solid garnet to the rim. The bouquet is finessed with layers that are hard to define but they are very nice. Seems there is at first just a sweet fruitiness, then cherries, then currants, anise and/or mint perhaps.

In the mouth this wine is of course richly sweet with a velvety rich cinnamony front layer with lush tannins that caress the tongue. Then there is a finessed and elegant middle with a finish that is subtle yet definite and several minutes later it is still subtle but just as strong as at first. Remember, if it doesn’t say “porto” or “Oporto” it is NOT port which is made only in Portugal. Raise a glass of something wonderfully voluptuous and say, ahhhhhhhhh!

*Sometimes pictures of labels have the wrong vintage date on them. It all depends on what pictures are available to us. The date listed in the blog is the correct vintage!

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