Monday, August 29, 2022

Woodbridge Chardonnay (California) (NV)


Pale straw hue with aromas of lemon pudding, rubbing alcohol, vanilla.

Palate: Lifeless structure, sharp acidirty, bitter mid palate, bitter finish.

Woodbridge is the plonk line of Robert Mondavi wines.  My wife bought a 4 pack of this crap to cook with. Rule #1 for cooking with wine: if you wouldn't drink it don't cook with it! Robert Mondavi is a legend in the world of California wine and is turning over in his grave at the thought of this with his name on it. Pass it by, but an $10 bottle of another California vintner as there are honestly decent Chards out there at that price point.  You don't have to drink poison in the name of frugality.

Monday, August 22, 2022

Chateau Ste. Michelle "Gewurztraminer" 2020 (Columbia Valley)


Pale straw hue with aromas of ample pear and apple with a suggesiton of cinnamon, with tropical fruit.

Palate--Disappointing first impression with a somewhat *flabby foundation.  Lime and citrus notes with a lightly bitter finish which is actually kind of interesting.

Gewurztraminer (pronounced, Ge-VURTS-tra-MEEN-er) is the notable grape of Alsace (France/northern Germany) It is one of my favorite white grapes and I used to drink them far and wide.  The Alsatian/German styles are quite different than the domestic style being much "sweeter" but kjore accurately less dry than the European counterparts. It is an under appreciated grape for sure. 

Ste. Michelle has made much better Gewurz's than this one. 

*Flabby is used to describe a wine that is sweet but lacking the acidity to carry the sweetness without it being a bit cloying. This isn't bad at all but as a matter of preference, I like my white wines to make my tongue bleed with a razor like acidity!  

I think I paid maybe $10 for it which is decent enough but if you want a better experience, buy a couple domestics and a couple Alsatians or German Gewurz's and explore the range.  

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Chianti Classico Niccolo Vin Santo 2014

Aged caramel hue with lovely aromas of burnt orange, caramel, fresh tangerine notes

Palate--Wonderfully sweet with the great acid base to showcase such sweetness. Silky texture that is thick and mouthwatering. Lovely flavors of the nicely toasted crust of creme bruleƩ finishing with orange rind and burnt caramel. The finish just hangs around for a good long time!

Vin Santo is Italy's iconic desert wine and when structurally sound can age quite well as evidenced by this 8 year old white (actually amber) wine. It is not cheap but it is a delightful splurge to finish off that great dinner served with almond biscotti. At $25 for a 375ml btl it is a treat but a little goes a long way!  Raise a glass!

*Reviewed previously for comparison of consistency of review. Check it out!

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Epicuro Nero D'Avola 2020


Bright garnet hue with aromas of light spiced cherry juice and baking spices perhaps. Above the rim there is just a fresh bright red cherry bouquet.

Palate--Nice red fruit flavors bursting on a nicely acidic foundation with some savory spice and cinnamon.

This is a $6 Trader Joe's offering that never disappoints.  Nero D'Avola (pronounced "Nero daVO la." Sicilie's signature grape is always fairly stragihte forward, bright, fruity and a decent food wine of light to medium bodied cheeses, tomato based sauce pastas and pizza. 

At this price you just can't lose so raise a glass!

Saturday, August 06, 2022

Tournon "Mathilda" Shiraz 2017

Nearly black hue with lovely aromas of blackberry pie with Summery sweet fruit and ...

Palate--A bit thin on the palate, loads of black pepper, dark fruit, a sharp line of acidity down the middle, lavish finish with lingering berry fruit pie.

This is a distinctive styled Shiraz from Victoria "Down Undah" with vibrant presence and intriguing mid palate teasers. It is evolving as it breathes and is a wine that should be steat and ready to enjoy NOW and well into the future.  Bye several bottles; lay some down, and enjoy the rest NOW!  Raise a glass

Frei Bros. Chardonnay (Russian River Valley) 2019

Straw hue with aromas of lemon lime, vanilla to butterscotch notes

Palate--Off dry presentation with nice acidity, citrus base, vanilla pudding, tropical fruit melange.

This is a lovely, creamy style, Chardonnay from the Sonoma, Russian River AVA (American Viticultural Area) which boast great Chardonnays from table wine level to the best of the best.  This is at the $15 price point and it is lovely! 

Chill it down in this hot summer time and serve it by itself or pair it with lobster, clams, seafood, or all by itself and raise a glass!