Thursday, December 08, 2005

Wine Review: Quintessa Rutherford 2001 (NW)

Somewhat muted nose of dark fruit
Berries and licorice on the palate
A mineral-like finish with moderate tannins

Quintessa is a big-name proprietary blend wine from Napa Valley that seems to sell well at steak houses where corporate expense accounts devour the biggest steaks and the most expensive wines. This was the case at my table, where we had two bottles of this decanted and poured. The wine cost us $170 per bottle, which was a lot of money for the experience it delivered. While it was a nice, smooth wine that actually paired well with the food, it wasn't anything special. In fact, it was barely average. I've had many wines at one-tenth the price that I'd put before this Quintessa. To be fair, though, I've only had this wine once and maybe I missed some of it's finer qualities. At this point I can't recommend this wine unless you're trying to impress somebody with the price. I saw it in a store yesterday for $110- impressive! Raise a glass!

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