Monday, December 19, 2005

Rosenblum Zinfandel Oakley Vineyards 2003 (wine review by PB)

This wine made in the Contra Costa County near San Francisco is a deep red with typical Zin aromas in the bouquet though somewhat subdued. In the mouth it is full flavored though tight on opening, with a nose more like Merlot than Zinfandel. It has a nice heavy texture and a flavors of pepper.

With some air to breath, this wine opens well, with cherry aromas and a little spice with dark berry aromas that are intense. In the mouth it is rich with nice raisiny flavors with a scant hint of chocolate and spice. This is such a nice wine and well made I want to shout!

We had the Annette’s Reserve by Rosenblum for Thanksgiving which was so stinking big and intense that it couldn’t be paired with anything on the Thanksgiving table. (Rosenblum is perhaps the most diverse maker of Zinfandels with over 20 different itterations of the wine.) In fact, it was hard to imagine what it might pair with. This is a much better food wine and more familiar to my palate and $10 less than the higher rated Annette’s Reserve. I love this wine as indicated by the empty bottle after dinner. At $15, I HAVE to recommend this Zin! Raise a glass then another!!!

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