Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Alba Liza 2004 (Wine Review) (PB)

This Spanish red is made from 65% Tempranillo and 35% Garnacha. It is purple on the pour being a very young wine indeed. The bouquet and nose are essentially non-existent at first yet in the mouth there is flavor that is fresh, simple and fruity yet shallow.

After just a few minutes of breathing though, the bouquet opens up a bit and releases some nice berry aromas with a corresponding cherry/berry flavors in the mouth with a mouth watering juiciness. It has a remarkable balance and at $8 this is a value wine! Raise a glass tonight!

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Anonymous said...

I just picked up another three bottles of this incredible wine at Ansley Wine Merchants in Atlanta for only $6.99 a bottle. One of my favorites - and I'm a big fan of Spanish reds. Try it soon!