Saturday, December 31, 2005

TWCB Anniversary Wine Review: 2001 Damilano Barolo (billy)

To celebrate our one year anniversary we at The Wine Cask Blog (TWCB) are having our own little "Open That Bottle" night. You have already Read about (PB)'s adoration of the Zind Humbrecht Gewurtztraminer and (NW)'s recap of what TWCB has meant to him.

I wanted something new to me but that I knew was supposed to be special. To do this I went to a local store just this evening. I have to say that the gang at Century Wines & Spirits were fantastic. This is a new place and the staff was incredible gracious and helpful. Lindy took me around the store and showed me the layout. Nick even offered to take my coat and hang it up (I did). Shannon rung me up and offered me a discount and a smile. I did not get a chance to meet the manager, Mark as he was not in, but I look forward to it. The entire staff was kind and gracious (even the one who declined to be named) and made me feel welcome. They offered to look up wines that I wanted, let me know that they were very receptive to suggestions and special orders.

I say all this in praise on our Anniversary review night not because of bargain basement prices (they weren't but neither were they over priced) but because it just goes to show the importance of establishing a relationship with a wine store and staff that you trust. They need to get to know you, your likes and dislikes and price range. Only then can they help open up for you this wonderous world in a glass.

Speaking of which, the 2001 Damilano Barolo is amazing.

Eyes: lucid ruby tapering to sunburst orange at the edge.

Nose: a wafting and sensuously layered nose full of chocolate, cherry, and tobacco (and mushrooms???). Simply amazing. Not overpowering. Not a jammy or dense new world fruit wine. But an elegant sensuality that embraces my nose and wraps it with exquisite gentleness and character.

Palate: A soft and perfectly balanced structure that is velvet and strength merged as one. There is a "pine-tree" softness flavor that co-mingles with the chocolate and cherry while the tobacco touches my tongue and the other (I think it is mushroom - shitaki?) teases. What an amazing sensation.

Finish: Perfect. It stays and tapers in a symphonic decrescendo to a glowing flavor silence.

I cannot think of a better wine to celebrate and toast the One Year Anniversary of The Wine Cask Blog. So, I raise my glass and salute (PB), (NW), and YOU, dear reader. May the next year find you rich in joy, poor in sadness and pleased with the experience whenever you taste a wine. To you all, I RAISE A GLASS!


Anonymous said...

that sounds good. Nice job on one year.

Anonymous said...

The price of this wine???

Billy said...

It was $33 or so. Check the "Recommendations" section to be sure.