Monday, December 26, 2005

Aresti Late Harvest Gewurztraminer Reserve 2002 (wine review) by (PB)

This Chilean dessert wine from the Rio Claro region is a lovely, light golden nectar that has a beautiful, candied bouquet of honey. An unmistakable botrytis nose has caramel layers with a background of bubble gum scents which are fleeting. Nice!

Wildly sweet and heavy, this wine has a nice foundation of acid to carry the sweetness. It tastes luscious and mouth watering with more honey flavors. It is not complex but there is another layer of caramel emerging after a few minutes of time with a finish that lingers well.

I paired this with our appetizer of fresh shrimp, crostini and liver pate, and cheese with crackers. It worked all the way around!

Sure it was $17 for a half bottle but it’s Christmas and it’s worth it! Raise a glass and say, “Thank you, Lord!” And Merry Christmas from the Winecask!

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