Friday, December 09, 2005

Chateau De Flaugergues 2003 (wine review) (PB)

This is a medium, red Languedoc on the pour with a yeasty bouquet and cherry nose that is subdued.
In the mouth it is solid, full flavored with solid structure and tannins which are a bit tight.

Breathing opens this wine nicely with raspberry notes on top of cherries with a very nice subtle, licorice nuance. It is well balanced with mouth watering tannins that are down right chewy and should hold this wine for another 3 years or so. This is another wonderful value wine from this underrated region of France. At $13, it is a real bargain. I loved the 2001 of this same wine which I found just last week in the Boston area. I can’t wait to see what a little more time does to an already fine wine! Raise a glass to the snow, the season and to life–always a gift!

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